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Company History
Formed in 1990, we have been providing quality, hands-on life-saving training for a variety of customers in locations across North America. 
Lead Instructor Dug Jensen 

Customer Testimonials
"Keep in mind that I have attended many trainings over the past few years, but seldom have I been to a class where I learned so much and never have I seen a training that started before I even walked in the door."
~USFS employee after Alpine Bivy Course
"Dug is an intense, hands-on guy, but also very entertaining. You won't be bored in his classes....we think this is the most valuable day-and-a-half of instruction we've ever had. It has changed the way we look at a variety of safety at sea subjects." 
~Steve and Linda Dashew (see more comments)
"This is my second time thru this course. I have not taken a more valuable course in my Coast Guard career. Dug and Jim are professionals in every sense of the word, as well as great human beings! What they do has and will save lives."
~US Coast Guardsman, November 2006
"Jensen, easily a cross between actor Jim Carrey and Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, is the enthusiastic lead instructor of the survival course. Students remarked that attending the class is like watching a 'Survival Infomercial'. The banter between Jensen and fellow instructor Jim Michener encourages class participation and facilitates instruction." 
~USCG Pilot Pete Melnick in Coast Guard Magazine April 2005
"The instructors were great! They know what they are talking about. This course should be something that every CG person in Alaska should take."
~US Coast Guardsman, November 2006
"This course was wonderful. An excellent course that should be mandatory for anyone setting foot on a boat." 
~NOAA employee, September 2007
"I thought this was a great class. The time in the water with the various PFDs was extremely valuable. The boat time was also very valuable. Instruction was great, you truly are a gifted instructor." 
~NOAA employee, September 2007
"There is no better training than going in the woods and surviving for two nights...Dug and Jim are awesome!"
~US Coast Guardsman, September 2007
"The good sense of humor tied into exceptional knowledge makes a big difference on how much people retain. Keep it up!"
~~US Coast Guardsman, September 2007
"Dug, You are awesome in the way you teach and get the information through to us by your great personality. Jim, Your knowledge on the good ways and wrong ways to making shelters and fires is outstanding." 
~USCG person, November 2006
"Thanks for the great training!" 
~USCG pilot, September 2006
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