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Common Causes of Workplace Accidents and Staying with the IOSH Working Safely Course

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A productive workplace is a safe workplace, but accidents do happen, and they can have a hugely negative impact on employees, employers and overall productivity. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, regardless of workplace type and industry, and some accidents are more common than others. But, a lot of these accidents are actually preventable, as long as employees and employers know how to stay safe at work. Below, we have taken a look at common workplace accidents, and how health and safety training can significantly reduce the risk of something going wrong.

Top Reasons for Workplace Accidents

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls – Slips, trips and falls account for a large amount of workplace injuries, often due to cluttered walkways, spills or uneven surfaces. This is the case regardless of whether you’re working in an office, factory or construction site. Solutions such as keeping work areas organised and wearing the right footwear can make a big difference.
  • Overexertion and Fatigue – Repetitive tasks, heavy lifting and long hours can lead to muscle strain, back injuries,and exhaustion. Though a lot of this is hard to avoid in some workplaces, proper training on safe lifting techniques, taking breaks and maintaining good posture can all help prevent these issues.
  • Falling Objects – A lot of industries require the use of tools, machinery, chemicals and equipment. There’s always room for error, especially when it comes to falling objects. Working with tools or near machinery can pose a serious risk, especially if proper safety measures aren’t followed. This is why it’s important to familiarise yourself with the safety measures on the IOSH Working Safely course.
  • Exposure Hazards – A lot of workplaces use hazardous materials, including chemicals, which can be dangerous. Depending on the working environment, employees could face daily dangers from hazardous materials, loud noises or extreme temperatures. It’s hard to avoid being exposed to these when they’re a key part of the work day. Understanding these risks and using the appropriate personal protective equipment is crucial.
  • Distractions – There’s always something to think about when you’re at work, especially if you’ve got a lot going on in your home life, or your work day is full of various tasks. Plus, in our digital world, it’s easy to get distracted on the job by mobile phones, social media and easy access to entertainment. This can lead to missed safety cues, which increases the risk of accidents.

IOSH Managing Safely Training Keeps Employees Safe

The IOSH Managing Safely course is designed to keep employees and employers safe at work, with a big focus on health and safety. IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Working Safely training equips employees and employers with the knowledge needed to identify potential hazards and how to  avoid them. Learning proper lifting techniques, understanding how to use equipment safely and knowing how to respond to emergencies are all essential skills gained through this training.

When safety is a core value and employees are actively involved in maintaining a safe work environment, accidents become less likely and the workplace becomes a safer place to be.

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