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Fun & education: why team sports are beneficial for kids

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For Aussie kids, there’s nothing better than getting down to the local footy oval on a Saturday or Sunday to play as a part of a club. Many kids grow up playing footy for their local team, learning new skills and the importance of teamwork all whilst taking part in a fun and healthy activity!

Your kid doesn’t have to be the next Dusty or Gary Ablett Jr. to get a heap of life, health and educational benefits out of getting some quality AFL merchandise and playing this great Aussie game.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome benefits of AFL for kids…

  1. They learn how to collaborate

Whilst solo sports emphasise going it alone to achieve a particular goal, AFL, like other team sports, advocates working as part of a team to achieve a shared, highly rewarding objective. Kids learn that in AFL everyone has to contribute and play their particular role so that the team can get the win.

Team sports like AFL encourage recognising your teammates’ strengths and how you can all work together whilst being the best versions of yourselves on the oval. These attributes can then be taken on through all kinds of life situations!

  1. It’s good for their sociability

We’re not going to sit around saying that it’s bad for kids to play games online, but it’s not something they should really be spending their whole weekends doing! Instead, playing a team sport like Aussie Rules gets them out of the house and in a fun, social situation.

Sure, kids can socialise at school, but let’s face it – kids often find school to be a drag. But with Aussie Rules, they are part of a fun environment with other kids who love the game and have a lot to talk about regarding footy.

  1. Resilience

Kids don’t always win and even being part of the best club doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the flag on granny day. But the important thing to learn is to pick yourself up after a setback, right? Sure, it’s no fun losing, and it can be really disappointing, but team sports will help your kid to be strong and resilient with the knowledge there are always new opportunities awaiting them!

  1. They will learn organisational skills

Footy is a rule-based sport as well as one that carries expectations on how to conduct yourself on and off the pitch. Every player has to show up to training and matches on time in order for there to be a cohesive unit – playing Aussie Rules can help your kid learn organisational skills.

  1. It teaches kids how to communicate effectively

Communication is one of the most vital aspects in team sports and is a pretty important attribute in life. This can include both verbal and non-verbal communication, and kids will learn how to process information, develop listening skills and follow the coach and their teammates’ directions (whilst giving out their own!) in a match situation.

These important communication skills can be taken into the classroom, the workplace and other situations in their adult life!

  1. They learn good habits

Playing team sports like Aussie Rules helps kids to develop good habits regarding time management. They have to balance their school and social lives with playing footy in training and on the weekends, all of which work in unison to help them learn healthy, structural habits.

It really is a great thing for kids to be a part of with so many life lessons and attributes to carry into the future!

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