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MHT CET 2021 Result: How will marks be normalized?

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Candidates appearing for higher secondary exams in the science stream generally have ambitious plans. So, if you dream of becoming an engineer or a pharmacist, appearing for MHT CET 2021 is a must.

Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test Cell announces MHT CET 2021 Result as the merit list on the state level. Aspiring candidates eager to get admission to top-notch engineering and pharmacy colleges in the state must score good in the test to get a better MHT CET Ranking.

Normalizing of Marks

The candidates’ proficiency in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is crucial to calculate and find the next career path. The entrance test is in online mode and multiple-choice questions. The Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell  organises MHT CET 2021 in multiple sessions.

Technically, the difficulty level of the questions in all the sessions may be different. Now, the examination authority divides the students into various sessions. To bring all students’ scores on an unbiased platform concerning the difficulty level, the CET Cell follows a systematic process.

There is a crucial motive behind the process for the normalization of marks. The process justifies the performance of all the students taking into account the difference in the difficulty level of questions.

The procedure to normalize marks in MHT CET 2021 Result:

  • The CET cell divides candidates into sessions. Therefore, an equal number of candidates would appear for MHT CET 2021 in each session.
  • The MHT CET Cell prepares the results as per the raw marks obtained by the candidates.
  • The MHT CET Cell then determines the percentile score for all the sessions and all the candidates.

They follow the following formula to calculate the percentile score:


Percentile = 100 X

No. of candidates appeared in the session with a raw score equal or below the raw score in a particular subject
Total number of candidates appeared in the session
  • The authority then merges the scores in all the sessions to get MHT CET 2021 Result.

It is important to note that the normalized score is not the aggregate percentage or average of the raw score secured by the candidates. Yet, the normalized score portrays where a candidate stands from the top scorer in MHT CET 2021.

Finally, the MHT CET 2021 Result displays the raw score secured by every candidate, the percentile score or normalized score, and the state level ranking.

The top scorers in each subject get a normalized score of 100. The ranking keeps the candidate securing the highest total in all subjects at the top. Then, the merit list displays candidates in descending order.

How does the authority avoid ties in MHT CET 2021 Result?

The MHT CET Cell calculates the percentile score up to 7 decimal points. This added accuracy helps to avoid ties. However, if two or more candidates get the same percentile score, the authorities consider their raw scores in all the subjects and their age to rank them. The older candidates get preference to resolve ties, as a matter of policy.

The significance of normalizing the scores in MHT CET 2021:

The examination authority ensures that the candidates would not get the benefit of easy questions for scoring high. Again, the candidate would not get the disadvantage due to difficult test questions too. Thus, the final MHT CET 2021 Result ranks the candidates on the state level in a justified manner.

Therefore, you must try to score the best in MHT CET 2021. Your score and ranking help you to get admission to the best engineering colleges in your desired branch. The procedure to normalize your marks helps get a fair score on the state level.

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