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Social Media Marketing for Franchises – Build Your Business Into the Fabric of Your Community

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When you own and operate a small business, you want to make sure that people know about your company and your product. Whether you operate a local bakery or a small accounting office, it’s important to market your business in affordable, yet effective ways. This is where social media marketing for franchises, and for small businesses in general, steps in. Social media marketing gives you various opportunities to get closer to your target audience. It enables you to build mutual trust with your customers more quickly than any other form of marketing.

The great thing about small businesses is that their success is often built on the very community in which they operate. When the business first gets off the ground, word of mouth is going to be one of the biggest drivers for new customers, and won’t cost you a thing. The best way to trigger word of mouth for your business is to follow the essentials of social media marketing for franchises.

The key to marketing for your small business is having your 2-3 sentence “about me pitch” down to a science. Some people call this the ‘elevator speech,’ but what it comes down to is communicating who you are, what you do, and why a customer should want to choose you over anyone else. Having your quick bit ready to go will allow you to sell your company and services to anyone in a short period of time, hopefully bringing in new business easily.

Social media offers numerous opportunities for you to help the target audience get to know you. This is why social media marketing for franchises is so effective. Each textual post, image, or video that reveals interesting information about your company creates a feeling of closeness with your target audience. Moreover, it motivates your customers to share their thoughts, needs, and experiences related to your products or services. These insights about your customers will help you serve them better and bring your business a step closer to success.

Simple strategies to improve your word of mouth connections include following similar businesses or community individuals on social media, putting out ‘open’ signs on the sidewalk, or just asking people to tell their friends about your business.

Small businesses are important to the cities and towns they inhabit, so it’s crucial to support that community too. Sponsoring and donating to local school events or civic groups are relatively inexpensive ways to raise your company’s profile and make a contribution to society.

With that community spirit in mind, finding a similar business that may share a customer base, but is not a direct competitor to you can be a great way to market yourself to a wider audience and collaborate with another business owner. This type of networking and partnership fosters new ideas and can spark bigger endeavors when small businesses come together. This helps build the relationships not only within the community, but with other business owners as well.

Once your customer base is established, it is important as a small business to remain competitive within the marketplace. No matter what your product is, you can use social media marketing to offer incentives or deals to customers as a means to keep them satisfied and returning for your services. It can be a simple reward program or offering coupons for the next purchase, but whatever the product is, make sure it has the customer’s best interest in mind, while keeping track of your bottom line.

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