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What Is ITIL4 Leader Digital and IT Strategy Course? (ITIL4 DITS)

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A company had just undergone a digital transformation. An innovation was to be done. It involved a product that could be pitched at a new level altogether. All products and services now completely resided in the cyberspace. So they basically were data in the Cloud. So the innovation to the product involved quick alterations to data in visual form. Getting out the idea of the innovation is only part of a strategy. And that involves the kind of skills taught in an ITIL4 Leader DITS certification training

The ITIL4 leader digital & it strategy trains you to build and implement a strategy. A strategy tells you what the company intends to do to, or with products and services. Especially when the world interacts with them in a virtual space. This requires some special foresight. And that’s something you have to have when you are a leader. The ITIL4 Leader DITS certification guidance talks about building a cross-functional strategy for digital organizations. When an entire organization is dealing with disruption, you just cannot think linearly when creating a strategy.

Indeed from the example we’ve just seen, the first part of strategy was the idea of an innovative product. The other part was visualizing the data associated with the product in the digital space, and deciding upon the best changes to that. A strategist cannot be just a business leader. They also need to have knowledge of the product, the virtualization of it, and the data associated with it. Due to the digital transformation, data was widely found everywhere in the company. Every day, while deciding the innovation to the product, the strategist had to take a 360 degree view of the digital form of the product, or in other words, consume Cloud data to decide the innovation.

The business person who made that innovation became a data person as well. Such role overlaps are common in digital organizations. Indeed, visual data becomes second nature after a digital transformation and has to be used to carry a strategy ahead. ITIL4 leader digital and it strategy course guidance talks about digital skills and workforce management. A digital workforce has to constantly organize itself around digital products and services. These are merely bytes or chunks of units of digital space. Which ultimately brings us to data. Data cannot exist in isolation, rather, it exists on some platform and infrastructure. The ITIL4 Leader DITS certification also talks about architecture management for leaders, and it is expected to address that for guiding digital businesses.

 The ITIL4 Leader DITS certification course is the right fit for:

  • Anyone who wants to step out of managing into leading
  • Change agents
  • Anyone leading a digital transformation
  • Portfolio experts
  • Social media partners
  • Cloud service providers
  • Anyone partnering with, and advising businesses on strategy
  • HRD professionals responsible for digital program L&D
  • Trainers
  • Senior consultants
  • Agile coaches

ITIL4 Leader DITS certifies you against these skills-

  • Digital transformation
  • Strategy building
  • Communication
  • Strategy implementation
  • Business finance literacy
  • Cross-functional and cross-team skill building
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Measurement systems
  • Culture building
  • Leadership

The ITIL4 Leader DITS certification is part of the ITIL4 certification training pathway called ITIL4 Strategic Leader. To be ITIL4 Leader DITS certified, you need to hold the ITIL4 Foundation certificate. This course is aimed at training learners to exemplify strategy building. Hence to get your certificate, you need to attend a training, write an assessment, and pass a test. The test will contain questions that challenge your practical skills, and the ability to apply your knowledge.

To conclude, we’ve seen an example that shows us how product and service innovation is done after digital transformation. Indeed, data is indispensable and is needed for almost everything. These things can be learnt at an ITIL4 Leader DITS training.

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